Search Engine Optimisation for Perth Business

If you have a decent-looking business website, but it's just not in the running as far as Google Search Results are concerned, chances are you'll benefit considerably from some search engine optimisation.
It's not rocket science - it's just good practice.

Essential SEO Checklist:

> Ensure the Meta-tags of each page all sing the same song.
> Reformat titles & header text in page body around one clear search-term.
> Edit page content for keyword density - without turning it into 'robot-text'.
> Make sure your images are correctly title-tagged. Bots don't have eyes.
> Rename image-file titles, if needed. How many "00567.jpgs" have you got?
> Reword internal page link anchor text. No more "click here" links, please!
> Start your incoming link-building programme. Takes time, builds Page Rank.
> Blog, Facebook & Twitter..? Sure you have another hour a week to spare.

Politely ignore "Page 1 Guarantees" from dodgy overseas Black Hat SEO firms.
You're in it for the long-term benefit of your business - you have to play by the rules. A measured, staged approach gives the best results.

Want some help? Contact Westside Media - that's what we do.